The Writings and Art


John Heuser

I was raised in a family of artists. The center of this was my mother, who rose in her profession as an art educator, while I absorbed artistic sensibilities during my formative years. I owe a large part of my technical development to this fact. In a liberal atmosphere of artists, cultural variation, and family upheaval in the San Francisco Bay Area, I learned a sensitive regard for the arts. I also obtained a sensitivity to differences among people.

My father died an untimely death when I was 10. We were suddenly uprooted from our provincial Southwestern Colorado valley, and we faced many unhappy challenges. But it was this tragic rip in our family fabric that allowed me to develop my special view of the world. From my mother, I learned welding; how to pour bronze for small sculpture, using a trashcan for a furnace; the basics of design; how to use paints; and techniques of drawing the figure. These were gifts forged in the fires of a difficult life.

During various periods as an artist, I have thrown myself into photography, airbrushing, woodworking, drawing, painting, ceramics, metalworking, and computer art.

Currently, I am earning my doctoral degree in psychology, a discipline that has augmented my imagination with rich imagery from an integral view of consciousness.

Samples of my recent work

††††††††† Writings

A male response to postmodern feminism and Goddess-consciousness

A reflection on a chapter from a book by Douglas Hofstadter

Another reflection on a chapter from a book by Douglas Hofstadter

Some thoughts on therapist self-care in correctional settings

a nice little intro to flintknapping and related subjects


Drawings and Graphics

Post-surreal Drawing I

Abraxas, 1999

Alien Sex

Bar Scene, (not from Kansas)

Post-surreal Drawing II

cosmic comix cover, 1999



Post-surreal Drawing III

Metal Planet